Criminal Offences and Impact on Visas

Visa Application fraud or other criminal activities that will affect the visa status of migrants is a serious matter. The risk of having a visa cancelled, facing removal from Australia or being denied citizenship is extremely high.

It's important that individuals whether on temporary or permanent visas who are being investigated for criminal offences seek urgent legal advice prior to being interviewed by the police or any Australian Government Department. The interview is often the first step in being charged with committing a crime.

New migrants are often not aware of their rights under Australian law when being investigated for a crime or if they have an intervention order taken out against them. There is the possibility of being charged, prosecuted, convicted and even imprisoned without a proper defence and legal representation.

Our Services

As well as a Specialist in Immigration Law, our principal Lawyer has over 30 years experience practising Law, including providing advice and representation in criminal matters.

Regardless of the crime you have been accused of, its extremely important that you seek our expert legal advice prior to:

  • Police interview.
  • Court appearance.
  • Any contact with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) or any other Government Department.

It's important that you contact us if you believe you have been the victim of a Dob-In and/or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has made contact with you requesting that a response in writing be provided to claims that you have breached visa conditions, not fulfilled visa conditions, or provided false information and documents in support of your visa application. This also applies to people who may be involved in providing false information to any Australian Government Department about you, such as employers or sponsors.

This includes allegations of breach of:

  • Student Visa obligations.
  • Business (sponsor) obligations.
  • Employee (applicant) obligations
  • false information and or documents in support of visa application.
  • other criminal offences

The Process

Being charged and convicted with a crime may potentially have a negative impact on your immigration status. We provide legal representation, advice and support in the following scenarios:

  • Police interview - legal advice prior to answering any questions from police officers.
  • Court appearance - legal advice and representation if you have already been charged with a crime and required to attend court to face sentencing and a possible conviction.
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) - Legal advice and representation on your behalf.

Committing fraud in relation to immigration related visa applications or appeals is a serious crime. It is important that the situation be assessed by an expert and specialist in immigration law.

There may be potential for your visa status to be restored if it has been cancelled so you can avoid being removed from Australia. Book a consultation with our Immigration Law Specialist and have all your options assessed by an expert.

Individuals make mistakes and often it can involve a crime. We provide proper advice and representation because our Immigration Law Specialist understands the legal process and how in some instances, a conviction can be avoided without affecting your visa status.

Mistakes and misunderstandings can also occur when you are accused of a crime. If you believe an error, a misunderstanding or false accusation has been made against you (this includes a "dob-in"), a proper assessment of the situation by an experience lawyer and legal practitioner can lead to the situation being remedied without affecting your visa status.

If someone takes out an intervention order against you, you should immediately seek advice. There are criminal sanctions if an Intervention Order is found to have been breached.

We recommend that you contact us directly to book a consultation or fill in our Consultation Request form online and we will contact you to organise consultation times that best suit you.

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