Cancelled Australian Immigration Visa

A visa can be cancelled on other grounds such as visa condition breaches or providing false information or documents to the Department of Immigration. If your visa is cancelled on these grounds you can apply for a bridging visa, however it is vital that you contact us without delay so we can assess the situation and advise you.

A visa can also be cancelled on "character grounds" . This may be because you have a criminal record or otherwise deemed to be of bad character. If your visa is cancelled on these grounds, you are not entitled to a bridging visa and you will be detained. Sometimes people who are in prison have their visas cancelled so that on the release date they are immediately placed in Immigration detention.

You should always know if you are facing cancellation on character grounds, because prior to the cancellation the Department of Immigration will write to you setting out the grounds of the cancellation and inviting you to respond. If you receive such a letter you should immediately contact us.

Many types of visas can be cancelled including;

  • Temporary working 457 visa
  • Student visa
  • Permanent visas including ENS 186 and RSMS 187 visas
  • Spouse visa

Our Services

Specialisation logoOur principal lawyer Helen Glass is an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist and has extensive experience with issues involving cancelled visas. You need to seek our urgent advice so that we can ascertain the grounds for an appeal. In the case of a cancellation on character grounds, it will be an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. In the case of a cancellation on other grounds, the appeal is to the Migration Review Tribunal.

If your visa has been cancelled - it is important that you contact us to book a consultation in order for your situation to be professionally assessed by an expert in Australian Immigration Law.

The Process

During the consultation we will interview you to be clear on your legal status and situation.  The reasons for your cancellation will be reviewed by our lawyer and a professional assessment will determine whether there would be grounds for an appeal.

It is our policy to only take on matters that we determined to have a good chance of success at the tribunal. Consultation with our Lawyer and Specialist in Australian Immigration Law will provide an ethical and honest opinion as to your chances of success at an appeal.

If after consideration by you and our lawyer that you wish us to proceed with an appeal, we will provide you with a lump sum quote on how much the process will cost.

Once our costs and services have been agreed to and finalised (Costs Agreement), we will begin to act on your behalf for the entire process and endeavor to achieve a successful and positive outcome in your favor.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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All potential new clients must book a consultation with us first in order for us to advise, assess and give a professional, honest and ethical opinion in regards to the legal matter that is addressed within the consultation.

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