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Our firm offers expert services in all immigration matters, our expert principal lawyer is an Accredited Australian Immigration Law Specialist with over 25 years experience in Australian Immigration Law and is able to offer qualified and expert advice.

Contact us directly to make an appointment and arrange a consultation.

Specialist Advice & Representation

Some of our Services include:

  • Personalized tailored services, no flawed or automatic assessment tests; we understand that we are dealing with the real concerns of individuals from all around the world, not a product.

  • We will represent you in your application for permanent or temporary residence, including advice on required documents, preparation and lodgement of applications and supporting documents and submissions. We will communicate with you, DIAC and skills assessing bodies until a primary decision is made.

  • Appeals to AAT, Federal Circuit Court (Formerly Federal Magistrates) or Federal Court after we have assessed that there are grounds for an appeal.

  • Verbal Consultation and advice - This can be via telephone or in person at our offices in Melbourne. Please contact our offices for appointment or to arrange a telephone consultation.

  • Written consultation and advice - We will advise you in writing either by e-mail or letter with relevant information applicable to your situation. Please email or call for this service. You will be requested to provide a detailed resume and family information.

Online Preliminary Assessments

We currently provide free the following online preliminary assessments.

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Spouse/Partner Visa Migration Wizard:

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Online Client Access Portal

Access the status of your matter online, read more about this service here.

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Realise all your options

It is important that everybody interested in applying for an Australian visa be assessed by an accredited Immigration Law Specialist so they can be confident that they will satisfy the visa criteria and other eligibility requirements prior to making an application with DIAC.

Australia welcomes skilled migrants but the process of applying for the appropriate visa and satisfying the criteria can be complicated and confusing. Too often applications are lodged and refused because of poor advice and preparation.

Many applicants have "self assessed" and then believed themselves to be eligible for a certain visa when there has been a more appropriate visa available. It is in your best interests to obtain from us the best advice possible at the earliest possible opportunity so your application succeeds at the first attempt. This saves you time, disappointment and money.

Our Policy

We believe that it is important that our clients are aware from the outset of the visa category applicable to them and whether they can meet the criteria.

It is our policy to explain in detail which visa class applies to our clients and whether their application will satisfy the relevant visa criteria. At the first consultation we are able to gain a very good idea of whether a person will be successful or not and advise accordingly.

We do not lodge visa applications which cannot satisfy the criteria. We always take care to explain why an application will succeed and why it will not.

If all criteria is met and the application prepared with our usual high standards, it is always our pleasure to advise our clients that their application has been successful.

Please be mindful that we can only explain the law and policy as it applies to our clients at the time of lodgment of the application and on the information and documents provided by our clients. We have no control over sudden changes in government policy that affect visa criteria, the "points" applicable to an occupation or a change in the passmark. Nor can we be responsible for any outcome when unbeknown to us we are provided with information or documents that are false.

We expect and welcome your enquiries throughout the preparation and the processing period as we understand that this is an anxious time for our clients. We notify our clients immediately of any communications from DIAC but expect to be kept informed of changes in contact details.

There are a large number of Visa categories and is is important that you receive the correct assessment of your situation.

Our firm will provide you with the correct information and advice you need.

Contact us for more information about the services we provide.


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